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Intensive Therapy Services

Intensive [In-Home] Therapy Services (ITS) is available for families whose children are experiencing social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties and need more intensive services to increase stability across settings and help prevent out of home placement.

Therapists collaborate with parents in the home setting to improve family functioning and help children develop strategies that will enable them to live successfully at home and in the community. 

The program focuses on the strengths and abilities of the family. ITS presents a non-threatening approach to the family: Lowers stress and family conflict, reduces the change of out-of-home placement whenever possible and appropriate, provides skills training, parenting techniques, conflict resolution, stress management and communication, educates the family regarding the child's mental health issues and needs, and links the family to community services. ITS is a voluntary, culturally sensitive program designed to empower youth with severe emotional disturbances and their families to address their concerns through therapeutic interventions in their  home, and requires active parental involvement. 

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