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School-Linked Mental Health

School-Linked Mental Health is a program, in which, Metro Social Services, Inc. places a clinical mental health provider at a community school to provide therapeutic services to students who have mental health diagnosis. The school based therapist is a valuable resource for the school and meets regularly with school personnel to consult and collaborate on the coordination of treatment and the needs of students.

The school based therapist works with all students who quality for mental health services. They do not need to be receiving special education services or have "Individual Education Plan (IEP)". Guardian involvement is encouraged and recommended.

Currently, MSSI services the following schools:

  • Hamline Middle School

  • Highwood Hills Elementary

School staff may make a referral to the therapist upon approval from the child's parents or legal guardian. 

Services are intended for students who have been unable to access mental health resources, and requires a face-to-face intake meeting to complete the intake and assessment process. 

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