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Mental Health Practioner


The "Mental Health Practitioner" will work with adults with serious mental health diagnosis and provide individual rehabilitative mental health services at home or in the community. Examples of services provided include the development of coping skills for managing symptoms, interpersonal communication skills, crisis management, independent living skills, and accessing community resources.  


Must possess a general knowledge of ARMHS services, therapy services, and previous experience with mental health documentation. Must have supervised experience in the delivery of clinical services in the treatment of adults with mental illness


  • Minimum of bachelor’s degree and at least 2,000 hours of supervised experience in the delivery of clinical services in the treatment of adults with mental illness 


  • Complete assessment and treatment planning to direct rehabilitative and skills-focused services in a variety of settings, including home and community-based. 

  • Complete diagnostic evaluations with supervision and treat clients in-home (if applicable) 

  • Establish personal recovery goals, rehabilitative goals, and objectives with each client 

  • Utilize creativity in rehabilitative interventions to help clients achieve goals 

  • Prepare and submit individual documentation for each session per company guidelines and protocol using Procentive Electronic Health Record 

  • Work with client, family, and other involved individuals, i.e. school personnel, probation officer, mentor, to meets the needs of the client(s) 

  • Coordinate services with case managers, family/guardian, employment services, etc. to enhance the provision of culturally appropriate services as clients work towards their recovery goals. 

  • Engage with clients from empowerment, strength-based perspective and promote client self-determination 

  • Attend and participate in all clinical staff meetings and training 

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